Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla

About the Hafla

Lorelei is still hosting a Bellydance performance  Hafla in Newark, DE.  They will continue in 2014.  3rd Sunday at 3:30 pm (most months)

From Oct 2010 until Mar 2013 the Hafla was at at MOJO Main, 270 E Main St. in Newark DE. New location  for April - Sept  The Oddity Bar in Wilmington. The Oddity Bar is located at 500 Greenhill Avenue, 19805. 

Sept - Dec 2014: TBA.  Fear not, we shall have a hafla. 

The Hafla has existed since Feb 2010.  See the hafla history here: hafla_hist
You can also find us on Facebook. Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla

Be sure to check DELDOT for any road construction projects (epecially I95/Rt1, I95/rt202, and the 495 closure)

Want to help the DD&D Hafla??

  • We always need helpers to set up, break down, MC and run the cash box.
  • We can also use printing and copying: like Staples and Kinkos.
    • We have plenty of paper now, but not enough ink/toner

2014 Hafla

The Delaware Hafla continues into 2014!!  

Headliners for the first half of the year:
  • Jan 19  Omar of PA    
  • Feb 16  Zahra Noor , now of MD  **Happy Birthday DDD Hafla** VIP link  
  • Mar 16  Phoenix of MD 
  • Apr 27 Ishtar of PA (with workshop TBA)  4th Sunday!!! And early start 1pm.
  • May 18 Meesha of PA
  • Jun 22  Nefertiti of DE   4th Sunday!!!
  • July 20 EFFING HAFLA (radio edits and bellydance)
  • Aug 17th Ro Raqs from MD
  • Sep 21st the PIRATE HAFLA with Naimah
  •  Oct 19 Philomena (Rising Star grand cahmpion of Jewles of the Orient)
    • Also Halloween Hafla, feel free to dress in costume
    • location TBA (Newark DE)
  • Nov 16: TBA   ?the Thankful Halfa?
    • location TBA (Newark DE)
  • And the Bellyanna improv hafla: Dec 28  (4th Sunday)
    • location: the George Wilson Center in Newark DE

And don't forget the Belly-anna improv hafla/fundraiser in Dec.
 Information from the first in 2012  here:

Drum and Dance Haflas will feature a headlining dancer, who is an area pro. There will also be 5-6 guest dancers, some who are professional restaurant dancers and some who are not, but all have experience in Bellydance. Both traditional Middle Eastern styles as well as Tribal, Tribal Fusion, and Cabaret Fusion will be performed. There will also be time for open dance and drum, so bring your hip scarves, drums, and dancing feet.

Performances by other dance forms and musicians also welcome.  Please send the information in the application to
  • Application for being a guest performer: Application   (word document)

Mojo Main is a restaurant serving American and Cajun Cuisine. Drum and Dance Hafla will be in the back room with the stage (including lights).

Sidebar and header photographs by foto illume and Larry of Triformis Photography

Info:  or call 302-464-0392

VIP Advanced Reservations

For Jan -Mar Haflas 2014: VIP reserved seating. If you want a seat in one of the first 2 tables to the stage, you can pre-pay and reserve for this hafla.
  • Sorry, VIP seating is suspended for Apr and May 
  • Aug: center tables, BYOC, and card table.  VIP is closed for Aug
  • Sep: **available 8/23**   center tables, BYOC, and card table. Order by 9/20

    • Which seats
    • card table must be reserved in advance, otherwise it is not brought to the location
  • These are not refundable, and good for only the hafla in question.
  • But they are transferable between people. You can buy one as a gift for friends and family, just include who it is for in the notes.
  • Also added: DDD Donation.  If you can't make it to the hafla, but want to contribute to help us keep running.
Just bring a printed copy with you to the hafla. 

Next Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla: Sunday  Sep 21, 2014

Last updated Aug 25, 2014 by Lorelei

Arrrrrr, it be the 'Dance Like a Pirate' Hafla
with Headliner:  Naimah from MD

Co-Director of Maryland’s largest belly dance festival, “Art of the Belly” in OC, MD
Director of the bi-monthly show Moonlight Tribal Lounge
And director of the Alternative Fusion Troupe Amandari (now 3 troupes!!)
Naimah is certified in the Piper Method School of Dance, and is certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format of dance. She has performed with live bands such as Ishtar, Animus, beatboxer Shodekeh and Senseless. She has appeared in the music video for “Dark Hall” by the band Mindless Faith, and has been featured on the Fox 45 morning news in Baltimore. She has also performed and taught workshops at well known festivals such as Rakkasah’s Spring Caravan, CCBC World Dance Festival, Tribal Fest 13, the BOCA Festival, KisFest, Shimmy in the Sun in Costa Rica, Bellypalooza, , Belly Horror, and Raven’s Night : Grimm Fairy Tales.

Naimah pirate

Hafla Organized by Lorelei

Lorelei by Triformis

New location starting APR 2014
The Oddity Bar in Wilmington.
The Oddity Bar is located at 500 Greenhill Avenue, 19805.  

$5 cover (children under 6 no cover) plus the cost of your food/drink.
Check out the menu ahead of time.Menu

Guest dancers:

Naja Haje
Naja Haje has taken a short hiatus from belly dance this past year while in the process of changing careers. Some of her new training included becoming a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She has found this form of “Latin Dance Fitness” to be fun and inspiring and has decided to share a choreography from her class playlist. Part of the fun of Zumba is audience participation. So please, come forward, don't be shy, she will be providing visual cues throughout the choreography... ditch your seats, and join the PAAAARTAAAAAAAY! You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow her lead. It's fun! It's easy! Come try it! Guaranteed you will have the time of your life and leave wanting more! Website

Khiyatta (MD):

Kelebek (NJ):
Kelebek Beyaz is a Fantasy Fusion Belly Dance artist from southern New Jersey. Her unique name means “White Butterfly” in Turkish and was chosen because it represents the universal symbol for change and transformation-the butterfly. Her specialty is combining classic Cabaret and Tribal Belly Dance with Latin, Hip hop, Broadway, and Burlesque styles to create stunning fantasy performances that titillate the senses. She is known for her technique, her story telling abilities, and one of a kind, show-stopping costumes. Kelebek has studied with such top instructors as Artemis Mourat, Michelle DeVine, Tempest, and Tarik Sultan to name a few. She regularly performs in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania at local charity events, haflas, Ren Faires, restaurants, and both Rakkasah Belly Dance Festivals. In addition to performing, Kelebek also teaches weekly belly dance classes and workshops in Berlin New Jersey and designs custom belly dance clothing and accessories.

Iduna is a PA dancer who knew she wanted to learn to belly dance as soon as she saw a local troupe preform at the PA Ren Faire. In her search for a teacher, she met Shaharzad and her mother Dinah, while they were vending at a festival. Soon after, she began taking lessons from Dinah and joined the troupe Raqs Devadasi. Iduna is inspired by many forms of dance, from classical to fusion and has taken lessons and workshops from a variety of local dancers.

Piratude (DE):
All the members of Piratude hail from the SS Yes we ARE a state Delaware. Avast me harties, Piratude will be reprising 1 dances from the Pirate Parlay at Swingtime Ballroom.  Their dance is a third generation choreography by Captian Lorelei.  Be prepared to help us swap the deck, or WALK THE PLANK.

Phoenix/Dark Phoenix(MD):
Phoenix’s versatile performances are marked by grace and athleticism. A proud member of Naimah's Troupe Amandari and Jamila Salimpour's Bal Anat, under the direction of Suhaila Salimpour. Currently working on his level two certifications, in both the Suhaila and the Jamlia formats. Will we see a warm inviting smile and the dynamic swirl of colors in a veil dance, or a smoldering glance and a swift drop into a backbend on the floor, flourishing a gleaming sword? Whatever style Phoenix chooses to present, rest assured that his audiences will be fascinated.

Khuzama (DE):
Khuzama, is a multi award winning professional belly dancer, instructor and choreographer. Khuzama a dancer for most of her life, found her true passion over five years ago in the art of belly dancing. Gathering influences from Lebanese and Tribal Fusion, she performs Egyptian Cabaret style belly dance. She is a professional dancer and instructor, who performs all over the tri state area. Khuzama performs regularly at Layaly Cafe and at Istambul Restaurant in Philadelphia. She has graced the stage of the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia with Animus, and has been seen in the Reality show Project Bellydance. She is an accomplished choreographer including choreography for the award winning dance troupe M.O.D.E of Maryland, and Masmoudi of Philadelphia. Khuzama specializes in performing to all types of music, her exciting and innovative performances are known to excite, amaze and entertain her audiences.